Wednesday, August 19, 2009

John has been back to the sitters this week since school started and let's just say that we have an issue of seperation anxiety. He cries when we leave; however, according to Jewel, he stops pretty quickly. Yet, whenever any adult shows up, he hides behind Jewel's leg like he is scared to death. I just pray that he gets over it soon. It breaks my heart.
Good news...He learned how to unscrew the lid on the lotion bottle. This probably won't be good later on...but I was proud of him. He kept doing it over and over it wasn't just an accident!


Katie said...

Will be praying for him ;-) and you! Luckily the little stages kids go through seem to be short-lived, and soon it will be a completely new and exciting challenge.

Katie said...

Wow! The year went by quick! I'll show Ashli his pic! He's so cute!

Whitney Richeson said...

Ahhh...poor thing. I am not looking forward to that part. I hope it gets better. What a smarty pants opening the lotion bottle. :)