Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vacation to North Carolina

John and Matt at the coffee shop in Raliegh.
Little old man sitting on the beach.

Oh....that water is cold, but I don't want to take my feet out!

I love the beach and my new rockin' hat!

John and Mom getting ready to go out to eat.
A couple of weeks ago we went to North Carolina for spring break. We went out to see my brother and sister in law. It was a great visit. Scott and Emily had to work while we were out there, so we explored while they were in work. We checked out Wake Forest, visited their church, saw Wrightsville Beach, shopped around Wilmington, and explored Raliegh Duram. It was very fun and weather was BEAUTIFUL! John had his first plane ride and did very well. He smiled very sweetly at all the plane staff and they loved him. He let all kinds of people hold him too. He is quite the charmer! He loved the beach. As soon as we set him down on the sand, he put a handful in his mouth. It didn't even seem to bother him. He is a great traveler. Matt and I were walking around Wilmington, laughing, because it was all about John on the trip. We got to see him swing for the first time and you would have thought we just won a bunch of money. We were so excited because John was laughing and squealing while he was swinging. All of our pictures were of him and what he was doing. Oh my, it is funny how things change when you have a baby. It was a great family vacation, especially the first one with the 3 of us.

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Miller Racing Family said...

Love the picture of John on the beach! We went to NC before we had Trey and had a blast. We can't wait to take Trey back so he can tour all of the NASCAR shops with us. Have a great day!